Billericay Twinning Association

The association was formed with the mind of not just for the profit in terms of financial interest but profit on the other side. Twinning is promoted now in different parts of the world. One city can have many sister cities that they could pair with. There is no limit as long as they can maintain and do what is required of them. The association is established has given support to many and so there are more who are also following having sister cities. It is a great thing that you can also do.

You can implement it in small ways that you can have a positive result. there are many countries around the world and they are located in various continents. That is why it makes it more exciting. As you can choose a city and offer a proposal, you can sign together and have now the sisterhood at work. There are many activities that could be done when two are in a twinning agreement so that it could be in action.

If they are in the focus of letting both understand the culture of each, they can have an event to showcase each. They can also choose the venue in on of the side or they can meet halfway. They can also have trade together doing export and improve for the sake of the two society. It is a great way so that they could have a deeper understanding of each other. Knowing something with some information is easy but deeper is not.