Why Every Nintendo Gamers Needs eShop Codes

The Nintendo eShop is somehow resembles Google PlayStore and Apple App store and it uses eshop codes or cards to avail different nintendo products specifically for 3DS family of consoles, Wii U and now even the hottest gaming console Nintendo Switch can benefit from these digital products. It was launched way back June 2011 and from there users will get the chance to download some free and paid content like what PlayStore and App store concept. Basically these are games, demos, videos, applications, and other important updates and news regarding Nintendo.

Nintendo eshop codes and cards can be purchased from different retailers and even online using your PayPal or credit card. Price ranges for these starts from $10 and $50 as the highest. Once  you have purchased this it will reflect in your account depending on the currency you have set possible USD or Euros depending on where you live. From then you can start checking what’s new and even old stuff that are available on eShop. Although I’m not sure if there are gift system as we know not all are tech savvy and have credit cards and paypal to used. Unless you will be buying a physical card from various retailers, but if not. You can always check online for amazing eshop giveaways that are just around the corner. Some gaming sites or blogs offer these as a promotional or marketing to get more likes, subscriptions on their YouTube channels. You can check this site that I’ve found working and it’s been working pretty good until now.

When you redeem your nintendo free ESHOP codes, you will be able to download almost any stuff available in the store. You will surely maximize and enjoy your gaming console this time unlike before where you have only limited options. Download the latest super mario games both adventure and kart, pokemon latest released versions, legend of zelda for switch, Metroid, Fire Emblem, and more all for free! If you have questions on how to claim your rewards on the site that I recommend, just comment down below or you can contact me via the contact us page and I will do my best to give you some assistance.

Top Multiplayer Online Battle Royale Games

Multiplayer online battle royale games are one of the most hottest and trending games now in desktop and smartphone. The concept is similar to a last standing match, unlike the common type of first person shooting games that you have team mates to rely on. These new genre of game all depends on your survival and hunting skills. Here are the top MOBRG that you will see online. These game titles sounds familiar to you and you just didn’t know that this is under this genre of gaming.

The Culling

Although not that big, this game only allow 16 players competing on each other to their way out for victory. Unlike the most popular game such as PUBG, this game features unique sets such as the ability to craft weapons, set-up an ambush by placing traps, and a bunch of close combat weapons. This is game is available via Steam FYI.


Is another online multiplayer survival game. The cool thing about this game is you really start empty as in totally naked and you can only defend yourself using a rock, seriously? hahaha then as you roam the map you will be able to get more advanced items to get an easy kill. There’s also advantage of this game where you can form an alliance with other players and these is allowed so meaning there can be multiple winners when the game ends.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the most popular game in this genre right now. It is a successful game released via Steam this March 2017 and there are several social media mentions for this game, meaning there are really huge fan base of this game. The game starts by dropping you into a huge battlefield and you need to find a good weapon and protect yourself from enemies at all time. There are 120 other players including you that will compete for the greatest survival of all times. You can use melee weapon, long range, grenades, and even drive 4 wheels while in game.

Sims Online Game in Smartphone

Did you know that there’s a Sims Game available for Android and iOS and even other mobile OS? Yes there is! check out the Sims Freeplay. This game is one of the best real-time multi-player online simulation game in the history of gaming. Not just for mobile, but also one of the best RPG game in desktop PC and other consoles. If you are looking for a simulation game for a real human scenario that includes bonding with other players, chatting, socializing, building houses, working to get paid, and enjoying life as a human being like having a party, buying luxuries in life – then this game is the one that you are looking for.

I love role playing games, compared to racing, and first person shooting as I really want to experience other decisions in life that I haven’t taken. Just an example is going in a night life, as I was not really expose to this kind of stuff, having house party with friends, going to the disco bar, and lot more. Those adventures in life that I wasn’t able to experience real-life – I think by playing this game, I will be able to have a taste of what it feels like even just virtually.

By playing this game, you will be able to get back in the past and be able to see the events, happenings, and even consequences of what ifs you have in mind. So that’s the reason why I love role playing games such this popular Sims game. This game would require you to purchase in-game items to make that most out of it, but it is pretty optional. If you are in a hurry, then definitely it is a requirement that you must willing to spend a couple of dollar to buy Simoleons and Lifestyle points to make your character dope. Not only that, you will also be able to create more characters, boost your overall progress in the game, and complete quests 10 times faster compared to those users who don’t use this vip items or in-game purchase that we call.

If you are in a bind or totally broke, then you must not worry as we Sims addict was able to find a way how you can get these power-ups for the game without breaking the bank, yeah literally for free. Just check out the latest sims freeplay hack, and you will see how easily you can get almost unlimited number of Simoleons and Lifestyle points that of course you can share to your friends who are also playing the game. Take not, there are many websites similar to that one and almost I tried them all, only that site is the one that really works without the need to fill up any surveys or need to unlock password or similar stuff.

Can’t Decide Which One To Buy This Holiday

I’m on the fence thinking which gaming system I will buy, whether to build a gaming rig or just purchase an expensive gaming laptop? These are the most common questions of first time gamer who want to update their existing game unit. Well it’s really pretty simple to know which one is the best for you?

First ask yourself whether you have other reasons why you will buy a gaming device such as you are a graphic designer by profession or video editor and you want to have a powerful computer that can process all the stuff that you need to complete in a shorter span of time. Then building a computer gaming rig is the best option. What I love about building gaming desktop PC is that they are robust and can easily be upgraded whenever you think you need more power in terms of graphics or memory as you can easily remove a hardware and replace it with a new one or add one for instance, adding 8 gigs of memory or adding 1TB of SSD for storage. Also, not to mention that the games you can purchase is always updated, that you will not run out of game to play with. Let’s say the game you have purchased required a specific graphics card, then you can simply upgrade that part and you are ready to play again, unlike on gaming laptops and consoles, that is impossible.

On the other hand, you are a casual gamer with very minimal knowledge on tech, then I would suggest buy a gaming console such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or a Nintendo Switch as these are built for the sole purpose of gaming and they can be easily mastered after long hours of usage or weeks. The downside is that the games you can play is somewhat limited to your system configuration such as disk space, and so on.

You can also add purchasing gaming notebook as one of your options if you want to have a LAN party with friends, as it is hassle if you will transport your gaming desktop RIG over your friend’s house, let’s say once a week. Unlike having a laptop that you can bring wherever you are will provide you an ease with gaming.

Clash Royale 4 New Cards Released [November]

Good news for all Clash Royale fans out there, the recently announced cards were already released, meaning they can be acquired or purchased via chest or through the Clash Royale shop. For those who are not updated with the game, these cards are the Cannon Cart, Flying Machine, Mega Knight, and Skeleton Barrel. These cards were announced 2 months ago and it took about exactly 2 months as well before they became available. Clash Royale became more exciting because of the released of these awesome cards which are definitely unique in all aspects. There are no words or information whether we will be seeing more cards by the end of this year, but I’m pretty sure that’s it for this year and we can expect to see new updates, new game features, and new cards 1st quarter of 2018. To give you some insight about the latest cards, continue reading.

Cannon Cart

This card is a 5-elixir troop card, yes it is! not a building card which can be max out at level 8.  When you deploy this card, it comes with a wheel the cart part on its name. At level 8 it has a damage per second of 245, had 1061 hit points, 1 second deploy time, and hit speed of 1.2 seconds. The unique about this card is that the cart it used to roll is considered also as a shield, meaning before you can kill it. You need to whittle down the cart(shield) hit points 1061 at max level 8 and once the shield is destroyed it will become a building that is fixed on the ground shooting your own troops.

Flying Machine

This card is like a dart goblin in steroids. It can be killed by zap and arrows. Only equally leveled fireball can destroy this monster. This card is a rare card and at max level 11, it has a fire power of 207 damage per second, 742 hit points, 6 range,  moves fast and take note it is an air troop of course. That’s pretty obvious on its name, the Flying machine.

Mega Knight

I’m not sure if the term Mega is correct for this legendary card as it should be Hyper Mega in a way that this card is really a monster. It can leap, it has spawn damage like Electro Wizard, It has splash damage, it has hit points greater than lava hound. Pretty scary isn’t? At level 1 it already had 3300 hit points,  240 area damage, 133 damage per second, 480 spawn damage, and another 480 damage when it leap. In terms of movement, it can walk in medium speed, attack every 1.8 seconds, it is melee and yes it is a 7-elixir legendary card.

Skeleton Barrel

Skeleton Barrel is the last card to be released this year I think so and yes it is also unique on its own. This common card is similar to goblin barrel in some way, but it is only attracted to crown tower or building. Once it reaches the tower the balloon will be pop-out, yes the balloon then the barrel that contains 8 skeletons will break and they begin to chew your tower like zombies. At max level, it will have 927 hit points, medium movement speed, and it only costs 3 elixir.

Honestly, I’m excited on the next card ideas/released that will be made next year. How about you guys? are you not excited? while waiting for the latest updates with Clash Royale. I would suggest you guys check out YouTube to get free clash royale gems from rich people giving away gems once you have subscribe to their channels. If you think collecting and saving gems and gold is hard in the game, by using such tricks. You will see how easy to level up your cards, as you have the resources to purchase additional cards for the upgrade.

3D Desktop Gaming Experience

I’ve been playing computer games since 2008 and one of my greatest dream before was to be able to play on a 3D environment. I was able to experience 3D gaming in 2014 when I built a power gaming computer and by that time 3D monitors from Samsung are popular that’s why opted to buy and I said to myself that day is what I’ve been waiting for. 3D gaming is really amazing and if you have tried watching movies in a 3D theatre/cinema and that’s exactly the experience and you can see particles and elements touching the 3D glasses you are wearing and the level of depth of the surroundings will make you feel that you are actually inside the game.

I remember I was able to enjoy those 3D gaming days until 2015, and starting 2016 and up to now I didn’t hear any news for 3D gaming. I don’t know if its the technology that is concern because 3D monitors back then use TN panels, as you will see nowadays every computer and gadget store that IPS displays are the latest trend. There also come a time when the market of 3D monitors boom like you can see a lot of key players like Asus, BenQ, Samsung, Viewsonic and now all I can see are ultra wide screens, IPS monitors, 144Hz refresh rates aka gaming monitors but still uses IPS display. So what do you think the main reason the 3D monitors have gone obsolete? is it because that majority of the players who have tried before felt dizzy and they’re used to it. Honestly when I started playing 3D games, after playing long hours I also feel dizziness but overall the gaming experience is totally awesome. You just need to take a few minutes break from time to time to relax your eyes. I’m going to find out the real reason behind this sudden disappearance to clear every gamers questions on their minds.

Are You a Solo Gamer or Co-op Fan?

There are gamers that loves to play games by themselves, while there are gamers on the other side that loves to play co-op with their buddies or loveones. How about you what kind of gamer are you? Personally I love playing solo because I really want to see how good I am as a gamer. I play first person shooting, racing, hack and slash, role playing, and massive multiplayer games. If you are going to ask me what are my favorite games well to give you some ideas, games like Devil May Cry, Battlefield, Far Cry, The Division, Assassins Creed series, DOTA 2,  Watch Dogs, Hitman, and many more just to mention a few.

I rarely play co-cop with friends and the last time I remember that I played co-op with them is for the Call of Duty game and Battlefield. We also seldom play DOTA 2 as I hate team mates that are feeders, and don’t help a lot in team fights. I also remember playing Turok and Bloodyroar with friends when I was in high school and those days are really precious days of my life. Imagine we play with friends starting 8am in the morning until 9pm in the evening, and the only break we have is lunch time. Sounds crazy right? before I forgot I also remember when my cousin taught me how to play Counter Strike and that was really addicting. We were competing different places and those days are early days of first-person shooting games. Thanks to that I was become a better player now lol.

I would love to hear you guys share your gaming experience with friends, or if you are a solo gamer. What are your favorite game titles,  genre you love and how you treasure those memories in the past. Just comment down below and I’m excited to read your thoughts right now after reading this article.

Support Game Developers by Purchasing a Legit Copy

I don’t know why there are bunch of so called gamers that don’t buy a legit copy of their games. It is sad to see that many gamers opt to download pirated or cracked games in the internet which in the first place are not safe, as majority of them are infected by malwares or trojans. They should support the game developers so that they can keep up developing more outstanding games in the future. Supporting game developers is done simply by purchasing even a single copy of the games they have created. This game developers are working so hard and dedicated their time, that’s why I’m really saddened when I see a lot of teenagers and even adults sharing game copies all over the internet. In addition, these guys are proud of themselves that they can get a copy of the game for free. You can see these gamers posting on their social media accounts. The fact that buying a legit copy of games is also entitle for future updates that resolves game bugs, freeze, and crash for certain level. You can also purchase additional DLC (downloadable content) to unlock amazing content in the game.

Game codes or license nowadays are pretty cheap and you can get discounted deals all over the internet. What is important that you get a legit copy, and that’s a big contribution on your part already and I’m sure even game creators will appreciate this little efforts from us and they will be more inspired to visualize, create, and launch a game title that will be awesome. So again spread the word to your friends, colleagues, to support game developers and stay away from copyrighted games that can be download in blogs, forums, and even on torrent sites.

Why Gaming Is Important To Our Lives

Living in this world is full of mix emotions, there are times you are really happy, but there are also times when you feel down, stressed, and depressed. Well, that’s life and we just need to sit back, relax, as we rebuild our composure. People have their own ways to relieve these weakness, some will choose to watch movies, while others will eat a lot of sweets. There are others who will text or call they friends to bond with them, and go with a road trip. But there are nerds and techies that will just hang around and play their favorite video games. My point here is that there are different solutions on our day to day problems.

I brought this topic because I’ve read somewhere that playing games is indeed one of the most effective ways to refresh our minds from long hours of work. It can relax the mind where in you can start working again as if you already sleep for more than 8 hours, you didn’t believe? well I must say when time comes that you feel depressed and you can’t talk to someone else. Then just choose a game of your choice, because I’m sure we have our own choice of gaming preference. Some would choose puzzle games, while others will opt to sports or racing kind of games. There are people who prefer action games such as first-person shooting games or hack and slash games to released or retarget their anger to someone else.

You will see how effective it is, just play the game and enjoy it no need to worry getting killed on the game or restarting your way around from several game-over. You just enjoy the game that you are playing and you will see how productive you will be once you start working again in your workstation.