Can’t Decide Which One To Buy This Holiday

I’m on the fence thinking which gaming system I will buy, whether to build a gaming rig or just purchase an expensive gaming laptop? These are the most common questions of first time gamer who want to update their existing game unit. Well it’s really pretty simple to know which one is the best for you?

First ask yourself whether you have other reasons why you will buy a gaming device such as you are a graphic designer by profession or video editor and you want to have a powerful computer that can process all the stuff that you need to complete in a shorter span of time. Then building a computer gaming rig is the best option. What I love about building gaming desktop PC is that they are robust and can easily be upgraded whenever you think you need more power in terms of graphics or memory as you can easily remove a hardware and replace it with a new one or add one for instance, adding 8 gigs of memory or adding 1TB of SSD for storage. Also, not to mention that the games you can purchase is always updated, that you will not run out of game to play with. Let’s say the game you have purchased required a specific graphics card, then you can simply upgrade that part and you are ready to play again, unlike on gaming laptops and consoles, that is impossible.

On the other hand, you are a casual gamer with very minimal knowledge on tech, then I would suggest buy a gaming console such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or a Nintendo Switch as these are built for the sole purpose of gaming and they can be easily mastered after long hours of usage or weeks. The downside is that the games you can play is somewhat limited to your system configuration such as disk space, and so on.

You can also add purchasing gaming notebook as one of your options if you want to have a LAN party with friends, as it is hassle if you will transport your gaming desktop RIG over your friend’s house, let’s say once a week. Unlike having a laptop that you can bring wherever you are will provide you an ease with gaming.