Clash Royale 4 New Cards Released [November]

Good news for all Clash Royale fans out there, the recently announced cards were already released, meaning they can be acquired or purchased via chest or through the Clash Royale shop. For those who are not updated with the game, these cards are the Cannon Cart, Flying Machine, Mega Knight, and Skeleton Barrel. These cards were announced 2 months ago and it took about exactly 2 months as well before they became available. Clash Royale became more exciting because of the released of these awesome cards which are definitely unique in all aspects. There are no words or information whether we will be seeing more cards by the end of this year, but I’m pretty sure that’s it for this year and we can expect to see new updates, new game features, and new cards 1st quarter of 2018. To give you some insight about the latest cards, continue reading.

Cannon Cart

This card is a 5-elixir troop card, yes it is! not a building card which can be max out at level 8.  When you deploy this card, it comes with a wheel the cart part on its name. At level 8 it has a damage per second of 245, had 1061 hit points, 1 second deploy time, and hit speed of 1.2 seconds. The unique about this card is that the cart it used to roll is considered also as a shield, meaning before you can kill it. You need to whittle down the cart(shield) hit points 1061 at max level 8 and once the shield is destroyed it will become a building that is fixed on the ground shooting your own troops.

Flying Machine

This card is like a dart goblin in steroids. It can be killed by zap and arrows. Only equally leveled fireball can destroy this monster. This card is a rare card and at max level 11, it has a fire power of 207 damage per second, 742 hit points, 6 range,  moves fast and take note it is an air troop of course. That’s pretty obvious on its name, the Flying machine.

Mega Knight

I’m not sure if the term Mega is correct for this legendary card as it should be Hyper Mega in a way that this card is really a monster. It can leap, it has spawn damage like Electro Wizard, It has splash damage, it has hit points greater than lava hound. Pretty scary isn’t? At level 1 it already had 3300 hit points,  240 area damage, 133 damage per second, 480 spawn damage, and another 480 damage when it leap. In terms of movement, it can walk in medium speed, attack every 1.8 seconds, it is melee and yes it is a 7-elixir legendary card.

Skeleton Barrel

Skeleton Barrel is the last card to be released this year I think so and yes it is also unique on its own. This common card is similar to goblin barrel in some way, but it is only attracted to crown tower or building. Once it reaches the tower the balloon will be pop-out, yes the balloon then the barrel that contains 8 skeletons will break and they begin to chew your tower like zombies. At max level, it will have 927 hit points, medium movement speed, and it only costs 3 elixir.

Honestly, I’m excited on the next card ideas/released that will be made next year. How about you guys? are you not excited? while waiting for the latest updates with Clash Royale. I would suggest you guys check out this cheats to get free clash royale gems. If you think collecting and saving gems and gold is hard in the game, by using such tricks. You will see how easy to level up your cards, as you have the resources to purchase additional cards for the upgrade.