Top Multiplayer Online Battle Royale Games

Multiplayer online battle royale games are one of the most hottest and trending games now in desktop and smartphone. The concept is similar to a last standing match, unlike the common type of first person shooting games that you have team mates to rely on. These new genre of game all depends on your survival and hunting skills. Here are the top MOBRG that you will see online. These game titles sounds familiar to you and you just didn’t know that this is under this genre of gaming.

The Culling

Although not that big, this game only allow 16 players competing on each other to their way out for victory. Unlike the most popular game such as PUBG, this game features unique sets such as the ability to craft weapons, set-up an ambush by placing traps, and a bunch of close combat weapons. This is game is available via Steam FYI.


Is another online multiplayer survival game. The cool thing about this game is you really start empty as in totally naked and you can only defend yourself using a rock, seriously? hahaha then as you roam the map you will be able to get more advanced items to get an easy kill. There’s also advantage of this game where you can form an alliance with other players and these is allowed so meaning there can be multiple winners when the game ends.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the most popular game in this genre right now. It is a successful game released via Steam this March 2017 and there are several social media mentions for this game, meaning there are really huge fan base of this game. The game starts by dropping you into a huge battlefield and you need to find a good weapon and protect yourself from enemies at all time. There are 120 other players including you that will compete for the greatest survival of all times. You can use melee weapon, long range, grenades, and even drive 4 wheels while in game.